Antelope County Museum

410 L St

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The Antelope County Historical Society is committed to collecting and preserving Antelope County NE's rich history.

The society was established in 1886. Over the organization's long history, we have assembled an extensive and wide-ranging collection of objects, including artifacts representing several thousand years of human occupation in Antelope County. Among the earliest objects are items belonging to Native Americans. Additionally, items are from early settlers and Civil War veterans. Agricultural, household, and cultural items are also represented.

The museum maintains four facilities:

  • a newly renovated 7,480-square-foot museum building

  • a reproduction log cabin

  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places

  • the newly restored District 70 one-room schoolhouse.

The Antelope County Historical Society also maintains a comprehensive document and photographic collection, comprising genealogical records, historic newspapers, maps, court records, and high school yearbooks. Museum staff and board members take pride in offering programs to the community to celebrate our history. Our goal is to educate people to encourage even greater efforts to chronicle our unique place in Nebraska's narrative, a story of people and landscape intertwined.